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Hold Your Fire (pause it)

A word out of your mouth may seem of no account, but it can accomplish nearly anything—or destroy it! It only takes a spark, remember, to set off a forest fire.  A careless or wrongly placed word out of your mouth can do that.

Careful words make for a careful life; careless talk may ruin everything.

A gentle response defuses anger, but a sharp tongue kindles a temper-fire.

Watch your words and hold your tongue; you'll save yourself a lot of grief. 
-James 3:5, Proverbs 13:3, 15:1, 21:23
Have you learned to hold your fire?  I'm still learning!  We have to constantly hold back our words, or we can do damage with them.

I felt hurt and offended.  I needed to tell on someone.  It was only fair.  Then I heard, "hold your fire".  So instead I prayed for that person.

When we are upset or hurt, our words might be careless.  We might lash out and pay back.  We say that is not what we intended, but little words can yield big power.  Once something is spoken, it's hard …

You're a Pioneer

By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to a place that he was going to receive as an inheritance. He went out without knowing where he was going.
-Hebrews 11:8

This is one of my favorite Bible verses. If I have life verses, this is one of them.  My life has been a life of walking off the map and following God. What does that mean? It means that while I have made many plans and executed those plans, God's direction for me has been different or in a different dimension that supersedes my plans. Leaving many different good opportunities behind looks stupid, to be blunt, until you have your eyes opened to the reality of following God. What is really important is who you are following and who is leading you.

When you really "go out", it seems illogical and defies common sense.  You have "gone out", but you don't know where you are going, but you know that God knows what He is doing(1).  As I go out I find that, "my idea of God…


Hanukkah means "dedicate" or "re-dedicate". Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday that was started between the Old and New Testaments as a commemoration of a time when the Jewish people regained control of the Temple.

Hanukkah has been practiced in a secular fashion as the Jewish alternative to Christmas, but it actually has much more in common with Thanksgiving.

Hanukkah celebrates an event when God kept the lights going, when they should have gone out. The lights were fueled by oil, so oil is an important part of Hanukkah. Hanukkah is the feast of lights.

In times of scarcity and darkness, God will keep the lights going. I believe that food multiplication and miraculous longevity of material items will take place. I believe that God will miraculously win our battles to retake the temple, bringing many to a dedication of their faith in Christ, while providing oil that does not run out to keep the lamps burning.

Souls will be won by God and many people who's ver…

Surrender, Prayer, and Peace

Have you surrendered to God lately? I remember when this was "the word" for me. I needed to surrender. Yet surrendering is not just an event, but a way of life.

Have you prayed? We sometimes needlessly suffer torment because we neglect to pray. When something happens that upsets us, it is like all the horses getting out of the barn. 

We need to beckon those horses back, gathering them back. Prayer is when we invite God to the equation. God already knows and God is already with you. 

But in prayer, we invite God to come closer and and we are intentionally asking God to bring His peace that passes all understanding to bear on us. When we are shoved into the deep end of trouble, we are not going to be in a place mentally to pray any kind of eloquent prayer and that's okay. 

The idea is to turn yourself towards God, like putting your face to the sun or heading towards north. If you are curled up in a ball, and the wind is knocked out of you, just call out from your weak …

God is our refuge

God is our refuge and strength,
a help always near in times of great trouble.  -Psalm 46:1 (CEB)

When you are discouraged, when you feel like giving up, and when you are short on hope; that is when God is there for you.  When you feel alone, when you feel victimized, and when you feel stuck; that is when God is there.

Earthquakes, fires, floods, and any other troubles: God is there for you.

All you have to do is be aware of this.  Shhhhhhh.  He's there with you.  Take a step closer to him.  Step into God's presence.

Psalm 90

Lord, you have been our help, generation after generation.

Before the mountains were born, before you birthed the earth and the inhabited world— from forever in the past to forever in the future, you are God.

You return people to dust, saying, “Go back, humans,” because in your perspective a thousand years are like yesterday past, like a short period during the night watch.

You sweep humans away like a dream, like grass that is renewed in the morning.

True, …