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Sky Links 5-15-14

Photo: Spacebridge by longobord CC 2.0
Sudden Change Words For Now

Doug Addison wrote:
May 14, 2014
May is a time when new things will spring forth and begin to come together. Watch for doors and opportunities to open suddenly. We are entering into a new time of things happening suddenly. Webster’s dictionary defines the word suddenly as “happening quickly without warning.” It is time to be prepared for “Sudden Change.”
Marsha Burns wrote:
May 14, 2014: The changes that have seemed long in coming will now take place in rapid succession. Be flexible. I will carry you through the things that are beyond your ability to control. Go with the flow, says the Lord. There is no need to worry or to be afraid because I am with you to speak to your heart and to give you direction. Yours is only to surrender in obedience. Job 36:11 If they obey and serve Him, they shall spend their days in prosperity, and their years in pleasures.
Gene Redlin Wrote (May 15):
Dime Turns..
I hear the Lord Say.... you don't know what will happen, I do, and this much is sure, your future will surprise you. Some changes you experience will be welcome...others you will wonder why.
Life for you will turn quickly. One event, one situation, one opprotunity taken and you will find yourself in a new place.

Don't say to yourself tomorrow we will go to this city and do that or this. It is enough to plan and be diligent.. yet do not resent the change I bring.. when your life turns on a dime. It didn't surprise ME.
You can trust ME.
Debra Lowe wrote (May 9th):
I hear the Lord saying, a surprise is coming and it is not according to the season of man. For every thing man plans comes from their mind and it is limited, not like My scope. I Am about to do something, a token if you would, to show you that I Am God and that I Am good. It will not come through the hands of normality, it will not be normal, it will not be the way that you planned it! Because I Am about to do a supernatural thing. For all who wait upon Me and put their trust in Me, I Am about to surprise you with good.
Linda Marshall  wrote (May 12):
I had a vision and saw a white kite flying close to the ground, being tossed by strong winds and gusts. Then suddenly, it began to ascend upward off the ground almost effortlessly, rising up higher and higher by unseen currents in the atmosphere. The Lord said, " My winds are blowing across the earth. I am releasing My Spirit, that the work of My Kingdom may be accomplished in this hour."

" I am blowing on hearts today. There are those who have been prepared for this day in order to set the course for the days ahead and My Kingdom advancement.
John Kilpatrick - 100 Days of Redefinement, A Season of Suddenlies (March 1 to June 9):


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