meddling is not love

To meddle is ": to interest oneself in what is not one's concern : interfere without right or propriety." It comes from a Latin word that means to mix. (Websters) Meddlers mix in where they ought not to.

A busybody is, "a person who meddles in the affairs of others." (Websters)

What is insidious is that we shroud our meddling in love or pride. We say we're, "only trying to help", and justify our meddling. And the whole deal with pride is that we think we're God; which we're not.

The man in the Old Testament Bible who has a long book named after him, Job, had someone like this in his life named Bildad. In Hebrew, Bildad means "confusing (by mingling) love". This guy had just been unhelpful to Job and this is what Job said back:

Job answered: "How long are you going to keep battering away at me,
pounding me with these harangues?
Time after time after time you jump all over me.
Do you have no conscience, abusing me like this?
Even if I have, somehow or other, gotten off the track,
what business is that of yours?
Why do you insist on putting me down,
using my troubles as a stick to beat me?

Job 19:1-4

It's notable that Job says that Bildad's words were abusive, they battered and pounded him. He felt jumped, put down and beaten. Job says that even if he is off track or in error as the NIV puts it, it's nobody else's business. Meddlers and busybodies make other people's business there own business. The word to these people is "get a life". Pray in private for the other you're concerned about and seek to gain God's perspective.


...a bruised reed he will not break,
and a faintly burning wick he will not quench;
he will faithfully bring forth justice.

Isaiah 42:3 (Matthew 12:20)

I thought of this verse this morning and was reminded of God's faithfulness- "Great is thy faithfulness, morning by morning new mercies I see..." God is not abusive or harsh with people who have lost hope, but He is faithful and just. He knows the pain and cares. When things feel the most hopeless or look the most impossible or sound awful, God is there and powerful to change things.

God's timetable is often different than our plans. God's ways often don't make sense and aren't logical to us. God isn't logical, Mr or Mrs Spock, but travels outside of logic. One thing God always is that we can always understand, is that God is good.

People who know God is good are people who have been rescued by God or set free by God from something. These people will tell you, "God has been good to me". If you can not say this, perhaps you have never experienced God's intervention in your life or you have forgotten it. What's it like to be a "believer", a "church-goer", but not to have a testimony? I would say that for those, there is something missing.

Perhaps, right now, you are at wit's end, rope's end; even on the edge. Maybe you need saving. You are so focused on the quicksand around you that you can't bring to mind that God is good or mighty to save. That is ok. The thing about getting rescued is that it's something that we don't do for ourselves, but is done to us.

My point here is to repeat the fact that God cares about the people in the weakest circumstances. It is written in the scriptures that God cares and God is good and full of faithfulness and justice. This is true reality.