Two lanes

Some thoughts about two lanes:

You're either coming or going. What I mean is that you are either going away from or towards something in particular. Neutral always means drifting backwards. So, are you going forward in faith, in God, in love, in reconciliation; or are you moving away from these things?
My insight is that if you don't know, you're probably drifting backwards.

The number two lane. It's good to be in the number two lane. Number one lane people are passers and speeders. You may use the number one lane from time to time, to pass slower drivers; but it's safer to get back in the #2 lane as soon as you can. Let others pass you who are in more of a hurry or have a need for speed that isn't who you are called to be.

Being a #2 person. It's good to have someone you are serving. It's good to let someone else have the spotlight, while you hold their water bottle, hair brush or flashlight.

Lord in our midst

Why should you be like a man confused,
like a mighty warrior who cannot save?
Yet you, O Lord, are in the midst of us,
and we are called by your name;
do not leave us.
Jeremiah 14:9

This verse captures how many of us feel right now. The truth is that God is in charge and "on the job". But God also wants to be in our midst, among us, communing with us. I believe that the church is going to be a place where people encounter God's presence. I believe that while people will still need a word or guidance for their lives, even more, they will need an encounter with God for change in them. Many people have have Bible studies, sermons, seminars, retreats, discipleship groups, accountability relationships, counseling, and intense worship; without a life-changing God encounter. This is what people want and really need and what will happen, I believe.

Crucified mind

And when they came to a place called Golgotha (which means Place of a Skull).

Matthew 27:33

Jesus was crucified on a hill that had a peculiar name, meaning "skull hill". Jesus died there to save us from our sins. Our bodies participate in sin and we speak out sinful things, but it originated in our minds, in our thoughts. How we think needs to be saved. I don't want to just stop doing things and saying things, having been saved unto righteousness; I also want to think in a godly way, in a Christ-forgiven way!

If the mind is important, then the enemy is going to go after it. It's important to decide to let Christ rule in your mind, if you are his. If the enemy can get in your mind, in how you think, then he's got you immobilized. Figuratively speaking, you may need anti-virus software for your hard drive, if a trojan or worm has gotten in.

Post election blues post

Like many people, I was disappointed with the presidential election results. Here are my thoughts. ten days later:

God is righteous and just. He does right, he knows what he's doing and he settles all things fairly. Father does know best.

The same people who prayed for Obama not to get the office now need to pray for him. It was a tragedy that many people who could have prayed for Bill Clinton, did not.

What's happening in the presidency or washington d.c. does not determine what God will do spiritually in the country.

Sky Links, 9-27-17