Adventure: The unexpected path of God

This painting is called "Flight into Egypt" by Annibale Carracci (1560-1609). This is a part of Jesus life that we perhaps don't ponder much. His early childhood was spent hiding in Egypt. Imagine walking that far with your baby. When you worry that things are not going so smooth for you, look at what Jesus went through. It is so awesome to me that Jesus and his parents went through rough patches and needed God's help just like we do.

Credentials for church leadership

What are your credentials? What is said about you? What would heaven say about you? This is what Paul said about Tychicus:

He is a dear brother, a faithful minister and fellow servant in the Lord. (Colossians 4:7b, NIV)

Those are pretty good credentials, don't you think?

  • He is dear: loved and loving, warm and special.
  • He is a brother: speaks of family, relationship, tied by Christ to brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • He is a faithful minister: He serves, day in and day out.
  • He is a fellow: He is connected to the apostolic mission.
  • He is a servant in the Lord: He is a bond slave of Christ. We know Christ owns him.

You could extrapolate that as you move on in service of the Lord, you start as a brother, move to one who serves, and finally graduate, as it were, to being a full fledged slave as your identity. We could also look at these as three spheres. Some people are happy to be brothers or sisters, in the Lord, but don't want to serve or be bond slaves of Christ. Other people take on the title of minister which is supposed to mean server and they may very well serve in what they do, but they cannot accept the identity as bond slaves and act like masters rather than slaves.

Toreador: Avoiding the bull

Are you a "bull handler"? How to you respond in the ring with a bull? I think of lies, anger, and just the insanity of life like that person driving very unsafely next to you. How can you "handle" these things that life throws at you?

Jesus Camp Movie: Activating Children in the Spirit

We finally saw the Jesus Camp documentary. It started as a straightforward documentary about a ministry to children. Even though Becky Fischer's ministry to kids is unique in that she believes kids can be activated into spiritual experiences and ministry, rather than just child-cared with flannel boards, fun songs, or a Christian Disneyland experience while parents get the real thing... The non-believing filmmakers, of course didn't get it and made the movie into a political thing.

I found a good article on the film by Rich Tatum. The long list of comments following, and I have not read all of them; is good in that it is dialogue, but it's also systemic of the fact that there is so much disunity among American Christians. Maybe not. I could be defensive of any criticism of Lou Engle or his style, but what I hear Rich saying is that he isn't used to that sort of thing and he's warning against certain things which are valid, but Lou isn't responsible for excesses in the past, of course. Lou was just encouraging Levi and that's one thing that the gift of prophecy is for!

Sky Links, 9-27-17