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God is good to his genuine people: Most kind and generous, Showing favor to his true lovers. Psalm 73

For I have endured insults because of you, and shame has covered my face, Psalm 69:7

Save me, God, for the water has risen to my neck. Psalm 69:1

Moves of God require new vocabulary. Psalm 68:9

Sky Links, 10-27-19

God is going to pour out something directly onto his people. Psalm 68:9

God's Mercy is Compared to a Shower and There are Seasons When These Showers Fall, Spurgeon Notes on Psalm 68:9

If you believed, if you knew that God was faithful, that God was going to make the dreams come true, the dreams God gave you; how would you act, what would you do now, before it is here? Psalm 68:9

God has seasons when He delivers His people en masse. Psalm 68:7