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Another Dream

(This is a re-post from 2013)
Then Joseph had another dream.
-Genesis 37:9

Have you had another dream?

We can have a dream, but we can also have another dream.  Joseph's second dream built upon the first.  It was a "furthermore" dream.  His first dream described the future in a global aspect, and his second dream described that same future in a personal aspect.

Another dream might be complimentary or different.

We can have another dream, like we have another child.  The second child follows the first, he or she is the first's sibling, but different.  We can have another dream, just like an author publishing another book.  It's the same author, and it could deal with the same topic, or be a different topic. 

Life is made up of new days and new seasons.

God created the world in time with cycles and seasons.  Every day is an event with a sunrise and sunset.  In each day or 24 hour period, we need to sleep.  We have morning, afternoon, and night; three thirds of a day.  We sleep about one third of each day.  Days connect into months and months connect into seasons and seasons connect into years and years into decades and decades into lifetimes.  Within this framework that God created, each day is a new day, each season is a new season, each year is a new year, and each decade is a new one.  Within all these cycles there is also new life being birthed and some lives come to an end.  New days, new seasons, new life, renewal; and death.

Seasonal Dreams

A man who was an avid dreamer had boxes filled with notebook journals in which he wrote out all his dreams.  One day, he had another dream.  This new dream pointed his eyes in a whole new direction than most of his previous dreams had.  He was confused.  The old dreams had not yet been fulfilled.  Then he heard God speak, "those were for the last season".  God might give us dreams that are for a season or destiny dreams for our whole lives.

God stands outside of time, but deals with us in time

We must live in time and outside of time, as spiritual persons having a human experience.  We are fully human with spirits that will live on in heavenly bodies.  Our human existence is completely meaningful, while at the same time, we connect to God through our spirit, who is timeless.  Our spirit, inhabited by God's Spirit, governs our physical, human, in-time, linear life.  We don't live above the human in time experience, but live lives of holiness through God's Spirit in time.

God is non-linear and not logical

God often does not make sense.  God might seem offensive to you.  God might seem to do things out of order.  God might start something new when you don't think you are ready.  God's ideas or plans might seem impossible.  There are times when we might say, "now I understand!"  But usually we just grow in love, trust, and obedience to God.

Another Dream For You

You may need another dream to build upon a previous dream, for clarification and confirmation.  You may also need another dream to set you on a new path.  Either way, another dream is a good thing.  Let God speak to you in dreams and visions.


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