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God is a Warrior and My Refuge

God, hear my voice when I complain:

  • Protect my life 
    • from the terror of the enemy.
  • Hide me 
    • from the scheming of wicked people, 
    • from the mob of evildoers, 
      • who sharpen their tongues like swords and aim bitter words like arrows, shooting from concealed places at the innocent.  
        • They shoot at him suddenly and are not afraid.  
        • They encourage each other in an evil plan; 
          • they talk about hiding traps and say,
            • “Who will see them?”
          • They devise crimes and say, 
            • “We have perfected a secret plan.”
        • The inner man and the heart are mysterious.
      • But God will shoot them with arrows;
        • suddenly, they will be wounded.
        • They will be made to stumble; 
        • their own tongues work against them.  
        • All who see them will shake their heads.
          • Then everyone will fear
          • and will tell about God’s work,
          • for they will understand what He has done.
The righteous one rejoices in the Lord and takes refuge in Him; all those who are upright in heart will offer praise.
-Psalm 64

Photo: Pixabay
Did you know that God will ambush your enemy?  Our enemy is the group of demonic forces pitted against us.  

Evil ones, the demonic and people under demonic inspiration, love to trash talk and spew venom with words.  Cursing is their forte.  If you ever hear cursing, you can bet that hell is inspiring it.
"evildoers, who sharpen their tongues like swords and aim bitter words like arrows,
shooting from concealed places at the innocent.
They shoot at him suddenly and are not afraid."
The Bible has a lot of information about curses.  Cursing is one of the common practices of the enemy and those who speak for the enemy.  Yes, the enemy has 'curse meetings', 'curse groups', and 'curse warriors'.

They also plan out and set traps for people.  They devise wicked plans.  Diabolical is a word that describes evil plans inspired by the evil ones.

Their goal is to kill and destroy.  They do all sorts of evil mischief and their siege is designed to terrorize.  If they can not kill us, they want us to feel impending doom.

Many people do not know about their enemy.  David get's it.  Whoever David is writing about, he describes them as devising evil, secret plans.

Did you notice that this is a complaint?  We go to a judge on earth with a complaint, when we have been wronged, and we go to God with a complaint against our enemy.  This is righteous complaining.

Unrighteous complaining is grumbling, grousing, and judging.  Babies and little children complain.  Men and women are not supposed to complain.  Complaining is not a tool, in the adult tool box, for building your life. 

David writes prophetically, or as someone with seasoned wisdom about God:  That God will, without warning, ambush the enemy.  This falls into the category of, 'the suddenlies of God'.  David knows God is watching and God will suddenly, without warning, move violently against his enemies.

David, facing warfare, calls out to God; and he knows God is faithful to war against the enemy.  We need to know this too.  We have an enemy, who is also God's enemy; and God fights against this enemy, on our behalf, and receives glory.

David says, that in this thought of the soon coming and on-going ambush of the enemy, the righteous one rejoices and takes refuge or puts their trust in the Lord, and all the upright in heart offer praise to God, in light of his actions.

This whole song gives us the lesson that warfare is a reality for God's children and that we can and ought to complain to God about it.  We get deceived into seeing just bad people or just bad stuff and grumbling about it.  We actually have a world under attack and people corrupted by an evil enemy of God.

With the clarity of that seeing or worldview, we get it, and we are not under the deception.  Now, we can pray, trust God, and expect God to ambush the enemy.  We move from begging and petitioning God, to declaring what he will do.

We can pray to God.  This is a powerful prayer and very bad news for the enemy.  Let's pray:

Dear God:
Protect me from the enemy.
Hide and keep me safe from their evil plans.
Shoot them with arrows.
Suddenly wound them.
Make them stumble.
May their own tongues work against them.
Make a spectacle of them for all to see.
So that everyone will fear you.
And talk about what you have done.
And understood that you did it.
We rejoice in you, put our trust in you, and we will continually praise you.


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