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Pray Always, So That You Don't Become Discouraged

He then told them a parable on the need for them to pray always and not become discouraged:
“There was a judge in a certain town who didn’t fear God or respect man. And a widow in that town kept coming to him, saying, ‘Give me justice against my adversary.’

“For a while he was unwilling, but later he said to himself, ‘Even though I don’t fear God or respect man, yet because this widow keeps pestering me, I will give her justice, so she doesn’t wear me out by her persistent coming.’”

Then the Lord said, “Listen to what the unjust judge says. Will not God grant justice to His elect who cry out to Him day and night? Will He delay to help them? I tell you that He will swiftly grant them justice. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He find that faith on earth?”

-Luke 18:1-8

Do you ever wonder about prayer, if you should keep praying?  Jesus says, "keep praying".

Have you been discouraged about a situation in your life? I definitely have. I realize now, that my discourageme…

Giving Glory To God Through Being Who God Has Gifted You To Be

You will be a glorious crown in the Lord’s hand, and a royal diadem in the palm of your God. -Isaiah 62:3
In our lives, each of us has the task of  discovering who God made us to be.  When we walk in who God has made us to be, we can flourish in life and we bring glory to God. 
Who has God made you to be?
When we discover who God made has us to be, then we begin living in God's gifts to us.  The goal of life is to bring glory to God and that is what happens with the person who discovers their gifts and begins to live in them.
The journey of discovery, of who God made you to be and what your unique gifts are that will be enjoyable for you to function in and will give God glory, is a very exciting and fulfilling thing. 
The core of life is your relationship with God.  God gifts every one of us with special endowments for life, that give us an abundant, joy filled life.  When we discover who God made us to be, and live in that life, we shine with God's glory and offer our gifts …

Your Life on The Shelf

Do you feel like your life is on the shelf?  Do you feel like you are not living the life you were designed to live?  Do you feel like a big question mark, sitting on the sidelines of life?

If you have this awareness, it is actually a good thing.  Somehow, you are in the wilderness, in some aspect of your life.  The wilderness is a common motif in the Bible.

Life on the shelf is where you suffer the loss of something.  You lose your job, you lose relationships, or you lose your place.  You go from active to in active.

Now what?  On the shelf, things shift from outer to inner.  Rather that doing things going outward, God shifts you to intensive inner work.

When we get put on the shelf, there is a dying that occurs, so that God can form Christ's life in you.  God teaches us to live in his love and be accepted by him, and not live for the applause of people.  A purging happens that can not happen when we are constantly engaged in activities with people.

When we go through a strippin…

Being Sick

I was sick and you took care of me...
-Matthew 25:36b

I have been sick.  Many people have been sick, much worse off than I have been.  In the real world, we all get sick.

Jesus told his disciples, "Heal the sick", when they went on mission, proclaiming the kingdom of God.  But, he also said that taking care of sick people is part of practical discipleship.  So, we live in the tension of believing in divine healing and practicing it, while also taking care of the unhealed.

A calling card of the disciple of Jesus Christ is kindness.  We love one another and that love is shown through kindness, with compassion.  The same hands that offer a blanket, chicken soup, or help to walk down the hall, also are hands that God uses to heal people.

We pray for healing and take care of the sick among us.  When healing does not manifest through our prayers, we just keep going.  Keeping going means humbly taking care of the sick ones and suffering through the sickness, while taking a stand a…

Time To Fight For Your Life

“Make every effort (Strive, Strain, Fight your way in) to enter through the narrow door, because I tell you, many will try to enter and won’t be able once the homeowner gets up and shuts the door.
-Luke 13:24-5 (ESV, WNT, Knox)
There comes a time when we must fight for our lives.  Other people can support us, but only we ourselves can choose to fight.  It is true that Jesus saves, but we we must fight to enter into salvation.
Striving has a reputation as a negative word.  We say to each other, "stop striving".  There is bad striving, where we are not resting in God, and are following our impulses, rather than abiding in the Lord.
Good striving is when we fight for our lives, for our salvation, that Jesus has already paid for.  The door of salvation can not be entered into passively.  There is going to have to be a fight.
The song, "This is it", by Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald, is a song about fighting to live, that Loggins wrote for his dad.  Kenny's dad…