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Grief In Moab, Curse Broken, and Freedom into Destiny

For their cry echoes throughout the territory of Moab.
Their wailing reaches Eglaim; their wailing reaches Beer-elim.
-Isaiah 15:8

Some people are sad today and some people will be sad for a while.  Misfortune comes upon people and there is a way that is right, in how we observe their misfortune; so as not to sin in watching the news.  Those who have suffered loss are our brothers and sisters.

Moab was the son of Lot, who was the nephew of Abraham.  And Ruth, was from Moab, and she was David's grandmother, and Jesus' great, great, great, great, grandma.  When Moab came under judgement, it was appropriate to be compassionate towards them.

The Bible instructs us to not rejoice or gloat when our enemy or brother falls (Pr. 24:17, Job 31:29, Ob. 1:12).  Isaiah writes, in the context here, "My heart cries out over Moab..." (15:6a).  

People of Moab can still be in the people of God.  Ruth is an example of this.  Where you were born and who you were born to or where you have lived and who you have lived among does not have to be your destiny.

The people of Moab, outside of God's redemption, are a people under a curse.  The foundation of the curse that they carry and live in, is what happened with Lot and his daughters.  The short version of the story is that Lot did not see to it that his daughters could have husbands and this vacuum of leadership was filled by his daughters having sexual relations with their own dad, in order to produce children.

Lot failed in his duty, to get husbands for his daughters.  He treated them as pre-pubescent girls, when they had become of age to marry and have children.  He did not set them up or position them to be promoted into womanhood and motherhood.

Then, his daughters sinned; and one of the children produced by the incest, was Moab.  His mother desired a child, but did not have a husband, and she did something outside the boundaries of right and wrong, and produced Moab.  But the reason that she did this, or rather the environment that gave rise to her sin, was her father not promoting her or lifting her up into womanhood, by finding her a husband.

Lot held his girls back from adulthood, but their bodies had matured to be ready for adulthood.  Lot did wrong and the daughters did wrong.  Lot did other wrong things, recorded in Genesis 19, with his daughters.

Lot had the opportunity to be mentored by Abraham, the father of faith.  It is interesting to consider, that Lot was not called the way that Abraham was (Gen. 12:1-5).  Even though Lot was from the same family, being Abraham's brother's son; he was his own person, with his own proclivities.  

We start in Genesis and then we fast-forward to Isaiah and see Moab judged.  We learned who Moab was and where he came from and noted that being a Moabite does not mean you are outside the possibility of redemption; with the case and point of Ruth, who was David's grandma and was a wonderful lady.  The book of Ruth is a wonderful book about redemption.

Today, we have the figurative or metaphorical tribe of Moab, or the manifestation or lifestyle of unredeemed Moab, that is coming under judgement for redemption.  The judgement of Moab's lifestyle or plight has already been here for a long time.  It is just going to have a light shined on it now and be given the chance to change and become free to be redeemed.

We have a whole lot of people who were not parented or led properly or watched over and allowed to grow, soar, and become productive.  Instead, their fathers, mothers, and leaders have not build launch pads, have not taught them to fly and leave the nest, and have not raised them up to take over the company or start their own businesses.  I am talking metaphorically.

We have had dysfunctional leadership on every level and in every sphere, including the church.  In this kind of dysfunction, those in the care of leadership, which starts in the home and goes all the way up to the white house; the offspring or those who are under the leaders are not raised up to maturity and allowed to take off, be promoted, or to be released into their destiny.

Instead, out leaders, up and down the whole spectrum; have not raised up those under them to be leaders themselves, unto their own productivity.  Instead, our leaders have fostered our dependence on them and kept us from promotion, from being mentored to take over the business, so to speak, and from leaving home to start our own families, metaphorically speaking.

Instead, our leaders, our mothers and fathers; have kept us down in a dependency relationship that is not how we were designed by God to live.  Some of us and for some of us, our ancestors; have sinned and used ungodly ways and means to try to fulfill their destinies, and have only ended up bringing more heartbreak and dysfunction into their lives.

People who are metaphorically in Moab, who for no fault of their own, were born under and into families and systems where the leadership has not allowed everyone to be promoted into their God given destinies, are being, about to be, and are going to be allowed to be set free into their destinies.

Right now, there is a shattering of this glass ceiling or curse that has held them back.  A whole lot of grief is going to flow, when people realize that they have been deprived or not loved.  But it is bitter sweet, because to process and flow is that to get out of bondage and to be delivered, you have to be shown and come to the realization that you have been held back.

The answer to deprivation of love and mentoring is not acting depraved, but being delivered and set free and having the curse broken and being set forth, back onto the path of destiny and fruitfulness that has awaited you.


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