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Why I Am Voting For Trump, part 2

The end of all things is near.  Therefore be alert and of sober mind so that you may pray.
-1 Peter 4:7

Here is part 2 of my 12 reasons why I am voting for Trump:

4. Freedom of Religion

The two candidates are different on freedom of religion.  Hillary seems to believe in freedom of worship, but not of religion.  In other words, she seems to say that you can believe the Bible and talk about it, as long as you do it behind closed doors.  She and Obama have tried to force Christian companies, like Hobby Lobby and Catholic hospitals, to support abortion.

Trump has said that he wants to change the IRS stipulation where preachers cannot endorse candidates from the pulpit because they are a tax-exempt entity.  The separation of church and state has been reinterpreted to say, "people of faith must stay out of government;" when the actual, original meaning is for the state to stay out of the church.  The original basis for the original colonists coming here and starting things was freedom from state control over the practice of faith.

5. Boundary Lines

Trump wants to make our borders more secure, especially where they are porous with Mexico.  He has always said that he wants to stop illegal immigration.  Trump also wants our country to be more careful about screening people who want to come here.

These statements and ideas are not racist or xenophobic.  Having common sense, wisdom, values, and a desire for safety and security is not a phobia or a racist reaction.

On the other side, there is a utopian idea of open borders and everyone being one, as in one world.  There is a saying that "fences make good neighbors."  My fence and the property lines should not be an offense to either side.

6.  Peace

Trump is the peace candidate and Hillary is the war candidate.  This is the critique of Hillary by the progressive left and anyone who has been paying attention.  Look at what she did in Libya.

7. Prosperity

It seems to me that Trump's policy ideas are better for the prosperity of every American.  He wants to cut federal government reach and control and taxes.  He wants to do the things, similar things, that Reagan did, to get our economy going.  His belief is that government hinders economic growth, so government needs to get out of the way.

The other side, which is how Obama has done it and she will continue, is to see government as the economic controlling agent.  This is how socialism and communism work, in contrast to capitalism and free enterprise.  Reagan deregulated and it helped the economy.  Obama has intensely regulated and it has hurt the economy.

8. Power To the People

The idea of a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people," comes from the end of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.  This idea was also stated in the introduction to John Wycliffe's first English translation of the Bible, where he wrote that, "This Bible is for the government of the people, for the people, and by the people."

Trump is for the people, the common, every day, American people; all colors and all types.  Washington, DC is for the "elites" and not for the majority.  That's my view.

Our ruling elite has by and large gotten very out of touch with the rest of the country and we are fed up.  Trump is an outsider and Hillary is the quintessential insider.  Americans, including me, want an outsider and not another insider.  I am choosing to believe Mr Trump is for the average American, even though he is a successful billionaire.  I see Mrs Clinton as beholden to Wall Street and other powerful interests who don't seem to care, based on their actions, for average America.

9.  Jobs

Unemployment and underemployment has gone down and down over the past 8 years.  Over the first 4 years, Obama blamed Bush; and over the past 4, it's been, "look at that squirrel."  I hear Hillary making the same promises that Obama made to put more Americans back to work, that have not worked.  We have massive business troubles.  I want to hire someone who knows how business works and can help get Americans working again.

10.  Dignity

This goes along with jobs.  Under Trump's vision for the future, every American will have more dignity.  Working, rather than just getting government assistance, gives people dignity.  A stronger and more unified military will give us dignity.  We need to get back to peace through strength and talking quietly while carrying a big stick.  I see Trump as the better of the two, for unifying our country and leading everyone into a place of dignity.  If the choice is between loving our country and hating it, I will take loving it.  I do not want a one-world government.  I want America to take its place as one of the leading nations in the world, for the good of the world.  This is very dignifying.

11.  Smaller Government

Our federal government is too big and too powerful.  This goes back to the power to the people thing.  We need to get back to state and local government governing their own states and localities, without the constant interference of the federal government.  Big government is also very inefficient and wasteful and full of fraud.  Just about everything is broken and corrupted.  This is why we need an outsider.  This is why we need term limits.  This is why the republican base in the primaries elected Trump and also liked Carson.

12.  Recognizing Evil

Trump recognizes the evil of radical islamic terrorism.  Some people cannot recognize evil, call out, or name evil.  Some people, like Churchill, recognized evil, while others did not.  I see Trump as being like Winston Churchill and Hillary being like the ruling elites who might have called him a xenophobe, if that word had been popular then.


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