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Sing To God!

Sing to God! Sing praises to His name. Exalt Him who rides on the clouds -- His name is Yahweh--and rejoice before Him.
-Psalm 68:4

I sing a lot.  I think I was born singing.  My mom is a singer who taught me to sing and make up songs too.  She taught me to sing our phone number and address before I could read or write.

One night, last week, instead of worrying, thinking or praying, I just sang, to God.  I just made it up and sang my heart out to God and it was good for me. The next morning, this verse came up for me, that says:

"Sing to God!"

Why sing to God?  It would seem self-evident, but here is why it is a great idea:

  • Sing if you love the Lord. 
  • Sing if you have problems.  
  • We need to sing more. I'm convinced of this. It's spiritually healthy. It's Biblical. 
  • Are you depressed? Sing. 
  • Sing praises. 
  • Sing the truth that you may not feel or believe. 
    •  When you sing the truth, your spirit will say, "amen", and affirm the truth that God is good, no matter what; and whether you expect it or not, there will be a building up inside you that will drive out depression. 

  • Singing praises brings God's presence. If you have not noticed this, take notice. 
  • Singing praises changes the atmosphere here on earth. We live in contested territory. The Devil and all the demons are pushed back by God's Spirit and by God's presence. Praise, singing praises, pushes these negative spirits out and away, like a candle pushes out darkness.
  • When you are in trouble, sing to God. There's no time like when we are under attack to praise the Lord. 
  • When we sing to God, we are opening a door to welcome the Lord into our presence. We are making a roadway. We are making a landing strip. 
  •  Singing to God and praising the Lord releases faith, and God responds to faith.
  • We worship, praise, and sing to God; because we do not know what to do and are at our wits end. 
  • When you are under attack or in a dry and lifeless place, or lonely "nowheresville"; sing. 
  •  Sing to God in that empty place, that depressed place, that hopeless place. 
  •  Sing to God in your mourning. 
  •  Sing your sorrows to God.

  • Singing is very good for our bodies and souls. 
  • Reduces stress and improves mood.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Improves breathing.
  • Reduces perceived pain.
  • Promotes learning in children.
  • Promotes communal bonding.

  • When we praise the Lord, we are making a way for him. 
  •  When we worship God, we are opening a door for God to walk through. 
  •  Singing to the Lord invokes the in-breaking of the kingdom of God.
  • When we praise God, we are welcoming him to come and set things in right order on the earth. 
  • When we sing praises to God, we are making a highway for him to come down into the earth.
  • When we praise God and make a highway for him, His presence comes down through the dry places. 

  • When we praise God, praise the Lord; God pushes back the darkness. 
  •  Invoking God through praise is a very powerful weapon of the church.

Sing to God!

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