It's time to change

You have dwelt long enough at this mountain.
Deuteronomy 1:6

Have you heard the saying that insanity is to keep
doing the same thing, expecting different results?
Have you heard the two stories, the first one about
the person in the flood that keeps refusing the help
that comes to them, saying that, "I'm waiting and
watching for God to rescue me"; and the second one
about the person that goes down a street and falls in
a hole, then avoids the hole and finally learns to not
walk down that street?

Those are three sayings or parables that illustrate
that to a degree, WE are responsible for our growth in
life. Or, WE are the ones blocking our way to growth
and happiness rather that the dark forces or other

I heard another story about a person who had a bee
that was buzzing around them and they cried out to
God, "make it go away", and they heard God speak back
to them, "(you) kill it".

I whole heartily believe that at times we need to wait
on the Lord and I am waiting on a number of things in
my life. But I also believe that in most things, God
would say to all of us, "what are you waiting for?"

What if I fail? That's fine. I believe I can fail at
something and not be a failure- the greater negative
is to do nothing. Mistakes, misfires, or messes all
teach me something I can never get from a book or from
listening passively. Failures or unsuccessful
attempts lead to learning and to getting it right

I think that God is always about partnering- we have a
part to play and we have to do our part.