Peace in the warrior

Today I want to write about peace:
God revealed as God of peace,
Jehovah Shalom, in Judges 6:23-4.

Gideon had fears and questions. He was being called
to risk and called to war. When I think of peace I
think of it as being the opposite or war, yet here
this man being called to battle is also told, "peace".

A better understanding of what peace is helps me to
get a grip on this. Peace or shalom is something that
is internal that has to do with being, then doing,
inside, then outside. Peace has to do with organic
wholeness and even prosperity, being in-sync or in

I can't function well externally, whether waring or loving
when I don't have this peace or shalom that comes
from God within me. When I have this shalom of God
in my heart, radiating through my spirit,
He flows into my emotions, soul, and mind.
Then my thoughts are clear and my speech is godly
and my whole person is in alignment.
When I'm filled with fear or anxiety it's different.
I need the God of peace to fill me again.