Prayer to the Son

I have this picture in my mind that when we pray to
God in heaven, we are touching on the power He has and
His heavenly view of things. It's like how I can only
see so far around me, but the higher up I go, the more
perspective I have. If I can get all the way up into
the heavens, then I can see the whole earth.

I think that when we pray, "thy kingdom come, thy will
be done, on earth as it is in heaven", we're asking
for heaven on earth- things to be down here as they
are in heaven. God sees what could be in a person or situation.
I go to prayer usually to ask God for something for myself or
someone and I believe that's a good thing. But a
deeper thing I find happening or sense God wanting to
do is to change me, to give me more of His view on
situations. God is fully realistic about situations
we face, but He is also fully optimistic. So I am
learning to not just call out from down here for help,
but to go into the perspective from above and pray
along those lines. As the sun shines down, far beyond what
I can see, the Son also sees everything that I don't and has
a perspective on things that I want to touch.