Sacrifice releases provision

Genesis 22 is the chapter I looked at this morning.
This is where God reveals Himself as Jehovah Jireh:
God-who-provides. But is wasn't until Abraham was
fully obedient that God released new provision to him.

His faith was tested. He allowed the test and took
part in it obediently and recieved new provision.

I find it interesting that Abraham had to go on a
journey to take this test and that he told people that
he was going to worship. What a sacrifice of praise.

He heard. He believed. He obeyed. He spoke faith
words. He recieved provision.

I wonder if God only rarely asks for this kind of
obedience and sacrifice of us or it's supposed to be a
constant life-style? It seems to me that things
important to me in my life need to be given up on
the alter so that God has full access to transform them.