Have you ever been betrayed? Notice what Jesus called Judas when he was about to betray him. Friend. The gospel writers call him "traitor", but Jesus calls him "friend". It's like Jesus is not needing validation from this guy who is betraying him. He realizes that his life is in the Father's hands and that's where he gets his validation. He's not invalidated or offended by Judas.

Do you think that Jesus always knew Judas would betray him? Do you think that he thought one of the twelve would eventually betray him? Do you think Jesus knew that Judas was embezzling from him before the final week? How do you think that Satan gained access into Judas? After his betrayal, do you think that Judas could have repented? Do you think Judas did repent? Do you think he is in heaven?

Have you ever betrayed Jesus? Did you hear him call you friend in spite of it? Can he forgive you? Can you forgive yourself?