Desert / Dessert

Life has seasons.
Life has cycles.
We are all on a journey
and on the journey we go
through different places.
The desert or wilderness is
one of those places on all our maps.

I was listening to a Graham Cooke CD on the way to work
and he was saying how he loves the time in the spiritual
wilderness, that he loves these times and seasons with God.
His thinking might go against "conventional wisdom" that
says that the wilderness is bad or a punishment.

What does the desert represent? If you are a
city-dwelling person who also likes greenery and the
ocean, the idea of the desert might be negative.

Or, you might think positively about the desert. The
heat feels good, the clear sky and horizon, the stars
at night, and the stillness. These all are refreshing
to the body and soul.

When the circumstances of our lives take us into a
time in the desert it is not a bad thing. It's a good
thing. It's a place to connect deeper with God
and be renewed.

There have been times when I was led back into
the desert when I wanted to fight battles and take
territory. In the desert I learned things that I only
took for granted before. Things were built into me
that had to be built in solitude.

I have learned that the desert is actually a good place
to visit spiritually. I think of Jesus with all that he was
doing, retreating to a place to be alone. I want to be
like that in my life.