In praise of my wife

I could have never found you without God’s help.
I fully trust your judgment in all things.
You make me feel rich.
You have greatly enhanced my life.
You have a knack for finding the things we need.
You keep us healthy with your choices in food.
You tirelessly make homemade baby food for our child and continually do the laundry.
You have bought property on your own and brought us income from it.
You are industrious, always making our life better.
You are always scanning for bargains, saving us a lot of money that is better spent.
You know how to crop pictures with your hands, making beautiful scrapbooks.
You are the most generous person I have ever met and especially generous to the poor.
You make sure our baby is nice and warm on cold nights and when he is outside in the cold.
You dress often in blue matching your husband.
You put together nice scrapbooks and give them as gifts.
You have a strong backbone and poise.
You are joyful and almost fearless.
You speak wisdom to others and are always kind.
You carefully watch over our household and make lists about what needs to be done.
You are never lazy.
Your child blesses you.
I praise you.
Yes, there are other capable women in this world, but you are the cream of the crop.
You are hot, but you seek God first in your life and that is your most attractive quality.
You deserve rich rewards and I will help The Almighty shower them on you!

(Loosely based on Proverbs 31)