Passing over

Today is Passover. I'm thinking about what it means, what is symbolizes. There was the passing over of the angel on the first passover that we commemorate today, but the Hebrews passed over as well. They passed over the yokes of bondage. They passed over dry land when they crossed the red sea. Later, they passed over the Jordan river into the promised land.

Through Christ, we pass over from death to life, in this life and in the afterlife.
Through Christ, we pass over the chains of sin and pass over into freedom.

Passover might also mean transition, to transit into a new season. I believe we're always in transition, on a journey, sojourners who pretty much live in tents. But during this passover time that also points to the Lord Jesus Crucifixion, death, and Resurrection; I think that we can also take notice of the transitionsthat are occurring in our lives.

We see a great majority of the people we know in transition right now. We're in transition again too. Our ministry assignment has just changed and taken on new dimensions. A year ago, our ministry assignment also changed, my job changed, and my grandmother transitioned to heaven. Three years ago at this time, we were passing over into the transition of marriage. Four years ago at this time, Janine and I met and transitioned into courtship. Four years ago also at this time of year , I attended my last meeting, as a member of the denomination I had been in for almost fourteen years.