Preparing for Passover

I was reading Chuck Pierce's latest newsletter and I saw
some insights about Passover. Here's the part that
really interested me, in my own words:

Moses was dealing with Pharaoh and with the Israelites:
"God says let my people go", to pharaoh, and "people, let go"
or "people, let's go", to the Israelites.

You know the saying, "be careful what you ask for, you might
just get it"? It's like you've been in a situation for a long time and
want out of it, but you haven't really considered what it will be
like to live on the other side. Backing up a step even before release
is, what if things get worse before they get better? Detoxing comes
to my mind. You stop an addiction, but the withdrawal or detoxing can
be physically and emotionally painful- so hard that the person withdrawing
might beg to go back to the addiction.

This is part of the Passover story. Pharaoh would not immediately obey God
and grant Moses request. Things got worse all around before they got better.
The good news that we know is that things did get better, but they didn't
know that and we might not "know" that when we go through a breakthrough
in our lives.

When we've been disappointed over and over and felt defeated, our hearts
are weak or broken. It's understandable that even when our deliverance
or breakthrough is announced, that we might not be that excited because
we are frankly depressed by our bad experiences up to that point.

So, what to do? I think that we can "go with it", knowing that we are going to
feel disoriented as we move "off our maps" and out of our comfort zones. I
think we just need to embrace humility as we can and flow with what God is
doing for us and realize that change is a time of taking off and putting on
or death and new-life. I think we also need to realize that God who brought
you out is God who will bring you in. To quote this from the NT, "He who
began a good work in you (all), will be faithful to complete it."

I've heard that when imatiated prisoners were released from concentration
camps in Germany when WW2 was ending, that they had to be very careful
not to eat too much, because their stomachs had shrunk so much. It's fitting
and ok to take "baby steps"! What's important is to go in the right direction.