Sharing food

I heard someone postulate that the reason for Buca de Beppo being so popular is that people crave a family shared dining experience because of the lack of hospitality in our society. Maybe people don't even know exactly why they like it, but at Buca de Beppo, each dish is designed to serve at least four adults and you have to share and pass the serving plates. There is something good that happens when you share your food.

Some foods that have this community affect that I like:
  • Chips and dips.... nearly all appetizer plates because you have to share them.
  • Large pizzas.
  • Extra long family or party style sandwiches or burritos that you share.
  • Pitchers or large bottles of drinks you share.
  • Loafs or baskets of bread that you share.
  • A big pot of soup or chili that you share from (ladeling into your own bowl!).
  • Fondue!