anno Domini

Anno Domini is Latin for "The year of our Lord". What if this is the year of our Lord? What if there is something peculiarly special that makes this time "the Lord's year"? Could it be that in a year from now, we will look back and say that the Lord did something remarkable?

I used to think that AD stood for "After Death", refering to Jesus Christ death on the cross. So when I first thought of AD today, this is what I thought of, but I forgot about Christ. So, pondering death, I thought of my death. Not my whole, total death, leaving this world; but death to self life and death to ideas and things.

So there's a time after death. A time of grief, a time of reflection, and I time in between things. After death, then what? It can be a starting over time or a new beginning.

In Christ, we can always choose death and let that stuff go to the cross, and then let Him nurture the life in us. That's good news.