July 3, 2006

said to Moses, "Climb higher up the mountain and wait there for me"
Exodus 24:12a

Excelsior means more lofty, still higher, and ever upward.
It also means wood shavings used in packing or stuffing.

The true meaning of excellence is being godly, one with God, in God, God centered. To go up, you must also go down. There is always a calling to go higher and go lower.

Jesus is risen from the dead to the highest place and releases authority to his followers. Jesus lived as a man, demonstrating how to humbly exercise God's authority on earth.

Update: 11-2-09
I found this from Mary Clark in Marriana Florida today, and I thought it was good.


November 2, 2009

excelsior – higher, always upward

I want you to come up higher, beloved. I want you to see things from My perspective. Do not look at the world through the eyes of the world. Look at things through My eyes; get My perspective, the proper perspective.

I am eager for My beloved to come up higher. I am eager for you to see the things of the world the way that I see them. Do not be duped, beloved. Do not let the enemy dupe you into thinking the way the world thinks. Think as I think. See things clearly, the way I see things, and know true harmony in your heart when you are in sync with the One Who is holy, the One Who is high and lifted up, your eternal Father.