apostolic migration

This chart by Wolfgang Simpson is about the journey from the old to the new. You can't go from peak to peak. You must go down to go up.

-2 You're happy in the old.
-1 You want to leave.
0 You leave to search.
+1 You've found the new.
+2 You're reproducing.

Point 0 is a place of dying to the old. After getting to point +1, it is totally nornal to cycle back to point 0, according to Simpson.... and that's where we're at. I was listening to a micro church planter from Australia, Tony Collis, and he is having the same experience that we've been having: after feeling great in the new thing for about a year, then feeling a disorientation of "I don't know what I'm doing", and then going through a cycling back of dying to the old ways. This is totally normal, according to Wolfgang! You can hear him discuss this process here.

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