This week

I've got so many things I'm reading and listening to and thinking about, that I have not been able pick one to write about this week. As each week goes by, I think that I have found all the new information or many sorts, but then perhaps after a pause, I find or discover lots more. The funny thing is that much of this information or writings were out there before, but I didn't find them. A season of acceleration was decreed or predicted or prophesied upon us and our Third Day friends back in January, I believe, and I'm really in it now. It's funny that I found someone else who's going through the same thing, of whom Graham came and spoke at his church back in February. Back in Feb., he wrote about a desire for deconstruction. It's very exciting to find out that many others are on this wavelength.

I finally got to a meeting Monday night, with people who want to do something about problems that Long Beach faces. I met some real Christ followers!