I went to my local Christian bookstore last night and decided to buy a new Bible. I discovered that a revised version of the NIV is out now, called Today's New International Version. Today, I found out that some of the texts that have been revised are controversial. The TNIV translates words previously translated in a male way (sons for instance), instead into gender neutral language. It also goes away from the antisemitic tone in the gospel of John changing "the jews" to "the jewish leaders"(John 18:36), which is a better translation in my opinion. Other choices they made that I like are to me distinctly post-modern, like to go back to a more literal "the heavens", rather than "the sky" (Isaiah 50:3).

Piper, Dobson, Sproul, Robertson, Falwell, Tada, and Grudem don't like it, as well as the Presbyterian Church in America and the Southern Baptist Convention.

Waltke, Hybels, Wiersbe, Ortberg, Bock, D.A. Carson, Blomberg, Fee, Stott, and Strobel like it.

A good article is here.


  1. The TNIV only changes gender when the context warrants it. So where the NIV had "Man does not live on bread alone" in Matt 4:4, the TNIV renders it "People do not live on bread alone" because the truism that Jesus is stating applies to both male and female. The TNIV committe don't refer to this as "gender neutral," but rather "gender accurate" and I tend to agree.

    Feel free to read my review here:


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