Flatten that pyramid and let the people go

I think that we all, in the Western church, have this problem of thinking of classes of people in the church and if you are ushered into the holy huddle of the higher level or caste, then you are ok, to be trusted, to be followed, and to be listened to. The church is a priesthood of all believers. The whole professionalism of ministry or hierarchy system is alien to the NT.

We really need to re-think and deconstruct most of our ideas leading to our practices of leadership in the church. Jesus said, "not so with you", when contrasting church leadership to leadership in the world.

I think that there has been an addiction to hierarchy and being hierarchichal. People who have led probably have the hardest time doing it differently and will go through a death process or keep causing pain for others.
I keep being surprised over and agian at seeing emergent or reformational
church people still addicted to the old ways.


  1. old habits die so hard

    But I think a leadership and organizational structure like that of Dee Hock is where we are going


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