Mike Frost

I've been listening (again) to Michael Frost this week. He is a Missiologist from down under. I love this guy and love everything he has to say about the church and mission. His whole messege is summed up in being the church and being on (Jesus') mission.

His new book is Exiles: Living Missionally in a Post-Christian World

and previously, The Shaping of Things To Come

One point I'll share: Mission and worship must go together. That's probably hard to fathom. Worship is more than going to a "service" in a building somewhere. We worship and praise God with our lives, among the people, being the net that God uses to draw them to Himself.

We don't go to houses of worship, but we are houses of worship. We don't give up meeting together, but our lives are the meeting place. Nothing is wrong with meeting in a building- a YMCA, a cathedral, or a house. I think that when you talk or write about anything new that people assume you are deep-sixing the old, and that's not true with me.