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I was thinking about a term or description called "friendship evangelism" and how different that is from a misssional life.  Not a life-style, but life, a life "on mission", a life like Jesus.  Mike Frost said that you do not want to reach out to people and suddenly give them a pitch.  You've got to just be their real friends.  No hidden agenda.  Let God do the saving.  Yes, be real.  Yes, tell your story.  Be the best friend they've ever had.  What if you say you can't do that, then what does that say about the message you are carrying?  I think some other people fear getting lost in the culture.  I think that you should get so involved that you fear losing yourself.
If you read the Gospels, you see Jesus constantly on the road, with time-outs for rest.
Where did we ever get the idea of building an edifice to hide in or seek God in or conduct religious activities in?  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  The problem I have is in the exclusivism I will call it, of thinking or practicing our "God stuff" in one sector and shutting down the rest of the time. 


  1. here here!

    The missional thing is a life lived 24/7 not a turned on and off thing.


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