radical congruency

Radical congruency comes firstly from a term in math that means that two angles are the same (congruent). OK, sameness, even identical. I was thinking Christian unity, but I know that we are never called to all be cookie cutter alike. Ya know, God makes all the snow flakes and human flakes different, He likes diversity!

I found some guys in Seattle that have a blog by this name and they wrote that the idea of the title came from something they read by Dallas Willard about following Jesus to a radical extent , becoming like him in life and death to self. This sounds better, like a truer definition.

After reflecting some more, I think that radical congruency means to have your whole life flowing in harmony and as a Christian, with Christ. On the one hand this sounds like stating the obvious; but on the other, I think that we often compartmentalize our lives. Another way of looking at it is that we do things or want things for example, that don't line up with the core of our selves and there is then dischord in us.