entropy and institution

I've been working on this concept of entropy in the church and I read an article by Ron Schwartz today that further amplified my thoughts.

Entropy means that when things are left to themselves, they decay, slow down, or fall apart. To me, this means that systems or individuals need dynamic input in order to not fall into decay. People need transforming power in their lives. They need vital union with God and meaningful interactions with others, giving and receiving: having dynamic interactions.

When a pastor or any other titled person "takes over", then entropy sets in for all the others. When we institute hierarchies and titles, then entropy sets in and maturing slows way down.

So, my view is that if you have titles or hierarchies, then it actually makes things harder as far as everybody growing up into Christ


  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    I am a follower of Christ living in Pennsylvania.I'm just brousing thu blogs. when i came to your sight i had just come from the sight of an athiest, so yours was quite refreshing.
    I enjoyed your thoughts on Church. There is a major need for the body of Christ to shift from a passive religion to an active faith, with each member of the body doing its part, so we are all built up into Christ, the head. For this to happen in a Church gathering the pastors must make room for the rest of the body to function ( and this will prevent pastors from burnign out.
    well, thats my thoughts.
    My wife and I blog at becauseofezra.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks. I agree. I liked your blogsite.


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