my cell phone

My cell phone has been acting up these past couple of months, so I took it in for service last night. It made me think about how easy it is to blame others for miscommunication. I have a new friend that I would call from the freeway and the reception was so bad, that I was annoyed by not being able to understand him. I totally blamed him for his shoddy telecom equipment. Now I realize that it could have been all my (phone's) fault or at least a large portion of the blame was mine.

I am remembering that communication is a two way deal. It's pretty narcissistic to make you responsible both to hear me and to speak so I can hear you. It's pretty selfish to assume that the problem is all on the other guy's end. It's funny now, but the way to honestly put it is that we have a failure to communicate. The problem's between us. We're both responsible.

Just ordered this Samsung.

Update (12/27)
I still have my old phone that does not work well!