pastor factors

Peter Drucker who wrote 33 books on management, leadership, economics, and sundry issues; said that the four hardest jobs in America are, The President, University presidents, CEO's of hospitals, and pastors.

A statistic is sited that only 5% of pastors make it to retirement. "Pastors at Risk" authors London and Wiseman, say that 40% of pastors have considered quitting in that past 3 months, that pastors who work less that 50 hours a week stand a 35% greater chance of termination, and 58% of pastors need their spouse to work to get by financially.


  1. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Having started clergy appreciation day 16 years ago, I understand the stress pastors face.

    But I think the future solutions is returning the church to what God intended it to be and removing the institution and the business of church.


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