Wait, waiting, waiter

We must wait, wait, on the Lord
And learn our lessons well
In His timing He will tell
Us where to go, what to do, what to say

That's from an old Maranatha Music song. It sounds good and sounds Biblical. Just look in your concordance and you'll find a bunch of "wait on the Lord's". But what does it mean? Many times, I've felt that this was an apt word for me, but I had to find out what waiting means in the Biblical sense.

I found out that waiting is more than just a time line or a place you are in until that something comes. Waiting has a lot to do with what waiters and waitresses do. They wait on their customers. That's what we're supposed to do with God when we wait on Him. What? When you wait, you attend to God, you serve God. You are at God's beckon call when you wait. You check in with God often to see if He is saying anything for you to do. That's waiting. It's very active. You may sit and you may rest, but you keep up this attentiveness and exercise faith.