church planting notes

I'm working my way through Devin Hudson's blog where he writes about his experiences as a church planter. It was funny to read his thoughts on the people who will join your plant, because he was so right. He talks about unhealthy Christians who want to join you who need to be known and recognized. Underline the word need. Unfortunately we sometimes label these souls as "church hoppers". The other "watch out for" category he writes about are growing believers who are new to the same area where you are planting and want to join you, but have a different vision in their hearts and will seek to steer the plat towards what they are familiar with.

Yesterday I was reading Shaula Overholt's blog, where she wrote that, "During the start-up phase of planting, Robb and I read a book by Steve Sjogren in which he suggests that all church planters should go to therapy in order to deal with the rejection that is faced. I thought that was comical until we actually got into the throes of planting. Now I understand." I think that's funny now because I too now understand this after having gone through it a bit. In my sense of humor, remember a passage where Paul is bumming about all the people that had left him, so you're in good company.

The third post that got me was from Steve Sjogren about getting a heart for the area you are planting in, where he wrote about an impartation that happened where he went from not knowing what was up with the community, to reeving God's compassion and crying in prayer for hurting people. Charlie Wear has been writing at the same site about going through your local mall and praying to receive God's heart for your community. I've heard Steve talk about doing this on his podcast before. It makes a lot of sense that if we are partnering with Jesus, then we want to get his take on things.