Today's Holocaust

Since the attacks of 9/11, I believe we have lost about 6,000 lives in the war on terror. During that same time period, about 6,000,000 unborn babies have been killed through abortion in the United States. These people were denied their lives because of a choice.

The slave traders and owners convinced themselves that black people were sub-human, so they could rationalize slavery. The Nazis convinced the Germans that Jews were sub-human and they were allowed to try to rid a continent of a whole race. Today, we are being sold the lie that unborn babies are not human beings and can therefore be killed at will. This is wrong and it's the issue for our country, in my opinion.

Check out these resources for more info: Abort73, Bound4Life, TheCauseUSA.


  1. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Your post echoed my own thoughts on abortion, the ugly underbelly of America that is spoken of in such self-righteous euphemisms as "choice" and a "woman's right". It alarms me that young women are being sold on this "choice" without all the information. Try to give those same women the information they need to make the proper choice and you are marked as a fanatic or as somehow harming their psyche in a delicate time. The media will never tell the true story of how many of these women ARE NOT being given real choice or full information in these purely FOR PROFIT houses of death or of how many of them truly regret their decisions for the rest of their lives. As a senior in high school, I found out I was pregnant by my boyfriend. I thought we would be together forever, as do many young women. I needed his support. I received it half-heartedly, until his father intervened. A man of many means, he made it clear he would not help us (financially) unless that "help" was to pay for it to be "taken care of". My boyfriend and I went to a Planned Parenthood (what a joke of a name) clinic. I was NEVER once spoken to about my "choices". They simply had me fill out paperwork and pay them the money. I cried while filling out the paperwork and not a word was said to me. I started to bawl uncontrollably while they took my labs and still not a single word passed the lips of the staff. They mechanically went through the motions of doing their jobs without the slightest care about my emotional wellbeing. I never wanted to be there in the first place, had been strong-armed into going, guilt-tripped into feeling that was the only way to ensure the futures of my boyfriend and myself (like his father truly cared about my future) and a battle started to take place on that cold table, sitting there in my hospital gown. I knew, knew in my gut, my heart, that it was wrong to take a life and this WAS a life, regardless of what most everyone around me was saying at the time. I stood up with my knees shaking hard and demanded my clothes. A nurse gave me a look for a moment and then just shrugged. I got dressed and went back to the front. They were cold and harsh with me, a child with a face puffy from crying, only saying that I couldn't get it all back because the labs had already been drawn. The money didn't mean a thing to me. I handed the balance to my shocked boyfriend and I told him to take me home. I glanced around the waiting room and my heart hurt, looking at all the very young faces also full of fear and questions I knew would not be answered for them in that place. I grew up a lot that day, years and years ago. About a month later, I miscarried my child, probably from the severe stress. I don't question God about His plan in all of it and since that time He has blessed me greatly. I am now happily married (to someone else) with two extremely wonderful children, aged 9 and 16 years. Do I think about that child, yes and with sorrow. But I am so very grateful that I did not go through with an abortion that day and I hope to touch others with my story. Take care and God bless you and your family.


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