Wikipedia and the church

This article in today's Washington Post by Cass R. Sunstein will tell you about Wikipedia, if you are not already familiar with it. My take is that the Wikipedia phenomena is a picture of where things are headed and where the church is headed too. The Wiki way is that everyone gets a chance to play and the people police themselves if someone gets out of line. Perhaps some one or a group of someones somewhere started Wiki and and keep it going, but they don't control it and stop others from giving input.

When I research anything, I tend to end up at Wikipedia the majority of the time; because there is no limit to the expertise or knowledge base there. It is truly communal.

I don't believe in no leadership or pure chaos, but there is leadership that facilitates and there is controlled chaos.

You get to the moon or solve Apollo Thirteen's crisis through a team effort, but you blow up The Challenger when hierarchy rules and rules out team effort.


Some people are worried that if you flatten the hierarchy in the church that heresy could easily happen and ruin everything. This is not the case. In China's underground church, heresy does happen, but when it does, it is a small compartmentalized disease in the body and it spins out and dies off. However, when we've had heresy in hierarchical denominations or movements, the disease is much more pervasive because of the structure and the amount of damage is worse and getting out of it is much harder. There are many examples.