Synchro-convergence experience

On Monday night, I had a dream about my first two cars.

While doing research on Tuesday, on "the suddenlies of God", I saw a link of an article by John Paul Jackson on Synchro-something and it stuck in my head.

On Tuesday afternoon, I was delayed and left work later than I had planned on. When I was pulling out of my parking garage, I saw a car that looked like my third car that I have not seen for 2 years. I ended up right behind it so I could read the license plate and believe it or not, it was my old car. I called my wife to confirm the plate.

And here is the picture of my old car, on the bookcase that she looked at.

Today I looked up that post by John Paul, and he says:
When we recognize and begin to value these spiritual events—learning to see them when they occur—helps us tap into God’s nature and Heaven’s activities guiding our lives. As the Bible says, we plan our ways, but God directs our steps (Proverbs 3:6). We may know where we want to go, but God decides how we get there. Such moments are deeply His.In order for us to take advantage of the opportunities that are being readied for us to grasp, we must recognize the spiritual essence and weight of the moment as it occurs. This is when the marvel begins and the purpose for which God created us begins to surface. Too many opportunities are lost due to a failure of our spiritual senses to grasp God in the moment. Over the years, I have discovered four keys that allow these events to unfold.

1. Recognize that God is present and continually active in His creation. Creation itself is not God, but everything in creation is made by God. God is involved in His creation; He is not passive about His handiwork. God will move Heaven and earth for our sake. He aligns various elements in creation to converge at just the “right” time. Scripture calls this the “fullness of time.”

2. Recognize that heavenly beings are forever working in our lives. Angels and other spiritual beings, which are created by God, are continually arranging people, places, and things to act on our behalf. These heavenly beings arrange things years in advance; convergence happens when God’s plans and timing intersect. At that moment, the “suddenlies” of life seem to happen.

3. Learn how to connect your desires to God’s desires. All of us desire a sense of connection with God and with each other. We are relational beings; we need each other to reach our God-given destinies. Synchronous convergence cannot happen without relationship. The tighter a family or circle of friends joins themselves to God’s desires, the easier it will be for them to recognize God’s activities in their daily lives.

4. Harness your soul (mind, will, and emotions) through meditation and prayer. These powerful tools capture the unseen, rein in its spiritual benefits, and propel us to our destiny. Through meditation and prayer, we break out of the fog that shrouds our spiritual awareness. We are able to touch and be touched by the realm of the Spirit, who searches the deep things of God.
What this event says to me is that God is in total control. I knew that, but the demonstration of it inspires awe in me. I felt like it was demonstrated to me that heaven and earth are intersecting in my life. I tell people that they are on a collision course with God's destiny for them.

(6/2) Lastly, I thought it was cool that this happened on 3/20. I began to think about what is the 3:20 verse that I like and I remembered Ephesians 3:20.

"Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us"