The Bible says that Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss and that Jesus addressed him as, "friend".

For Judas, an intimate greeting was only a formality; it didn't really carry any meaning. He could both kiss the purest person he had ever met and betray that person in one stroke.

It's interesting to me that, at the moment of betrayal, Jesus addresses Judas as "friend". For me, it puts things in perspective. If Judas was Jesus friend, then what does that say about Jesus? I think it says that he was incredibly secure in the Father's love. Jesus is our example of how to live. We are to be anchored in God, but hold our earthly relationships more loosely. It's so deep that I can't find the words, but Jesus knows that we all will betray him at some level, yet he calls us friend. Friends will betray but God is faith full. Peter betrayed Jesus, although in a different fashion than Judas and ended up being faithfull.