Kingdom and church: Churchian or Christ-ian?

I read this comment, written by Jon Hallewell, on John Smulo's blog:

I'll never forget sitting in a small group with Jackie Pullinger. She said it can take over 10 years to change the hearts of christians to be kingdom orientated - that was far too long for her - she advocated finding not yet christians who were already kingdom orientated and working with them.

It takes people who have been Christians any length of time (7 years, 3 years) about 10 years to unlearn stuff they've learned in church that isn't the real deal. What is the real deal and what is not? That's a big question that has a long answer. But part of the real deal is the issue of the kingdom of God. Jesus came proclaiming the kingdom of God (not the church or any "program") and he said that we would preach the gospel of the kingdom until he comes again. It's interesting that he didn't say something like, "preach the gospel of salvation through me until I come".

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