When your word hasn't come true, part 2

These insights were shared by Linda Heidler at the Glory of Zion weekly prayer meeting (Chuck Pierce's church). She talked about breaking out of old cycles and how to contend for the authority God wants us to step into.

Three points:

Presumption: You may be presuming that you see or know the whole picture and you stay stuck because of this. We always do not have the whole picture. We always must humble ourselves to be lifted up or to recieve grace. It is presumption to think we know how things should be. People reject what God does because they presume.

Incompetence: You may be saying that you've done everything you could do and now it's not up to you. You may fall into apathy or laziness because you feel your job is done and now it's up to God and others to make things happen. This is a spirit of incompetence and is the opposite of the spirit of excellence that we are called to. Excellence is when we continue to work hard and be gracious and generous when we have not had breakthrough.

Occult spirits keeping things hidden: We have to remember that we are not struggling with flesh and blood. Linda said:
"There is an occult spirit keeping things hidden... The way we contend with this spirit is first of all to set ourselves against it. Take up your authority, contend with it, and command it to let go of what belongs to you. Command it to allow it to come to the surface and be seen. Say, “You will let this be uncovered. You will let go of what is mine.” The Lord said that we will not break through and recover in passivity. We have to stir our spirits and step up to a new place of authority and contend in the spirit. We will also have to hear the Holy Spirit. We cannot just spout off in our anger and frustration about the circumstance. We cannot contend with an occult spirit out of our soul. We have got to contend by the Word of the Lord. We have got to hear the Holy Spirit and declare the Word of the Lord. We have got to war with the Word of the Lord until that occult spirit breaks and bows its knee to the Word of the Lord. We will have to gain deeper revelation of the Word of the Holy Spirit, then take it and not stop warring until that occult spirit submits to the Word of the Lord. In this, we must not be in agreement with any occult spirit. We cannot be in authority to withstand it if we are in agreement with it."

I found these insights to be helpful and I hope they help you too.