be ready in season and out of season

The context of the above text is Paul's admonition to Timothy to "preach the word". He is to preach in season and out of season. Not sometimes but all the time, not just when he feels great and has a fresh message but always. The application is that ministers are always "on-duty". Ministers are ministers. It is who they are, who you are if you are a minister. Ministry is a life, not a job or a title. Minister describes you if you are one. Another word for ministry is service.

Serving is an all-the-time lifestyle. Serving is not something you go and do for a time, and then revert back to a non-serving lifestyle. If you are a servant, you serve.... all the time. You don't just serve when it makes you look good, like serving by speaking to a group or being on a ministry team, but it is a way of life. It's not about going to church to serve or to be served or watch people serve, but rather; if you are a Christian, you are the church everywhere you go and, you are called to serve. The phrase "Church service" has become an oxymoron in our Western culture. You don't go to church, just like a married person does not go to marriage. They're married or they aren't. When they aren't with their spouse or in their home, they're still married. If they only act married when they are with their spouse or in their home, we would say that it's not a very good marriage. Service is something that you give as awell as recieve. A real church service would mean that everyone that is in the church is serving.

The essence of being a Christ follower is to serve. God loved the world so much that He served by sending Jesus to serve and his followers serve as well. If you say you're a follower of Jesus but don't serve as a life-style, something is wrong.

Thank you for your service.
It's all about the serve.
Service is everything.
Serve, baby, serve.
And you know what Bob Dylan said.