Death sucks

I have a buddy I've known for about 23 years who just lost his 7 year old son. His loss and going to the funeral of my music teacher I took lessons from in high school have made me think about death. You've probably heard the saying, "timing is everything"? Well with death, the timing sucks 99% of the time. My dad died an hour before I got to his bedside. With my music teacher, I never took the opportunity to write her a letter or give her a call to tell her that she was the nicest person God ever sent into my life. I'll be writing that letter to her son.

The minister who officiated at the boys funeral did a great job. What can you say? He quoted a number of scriptures, some of which I have used at my grandparents funerals. These scriptures are true and comforting. But I have reflected on how that the highest form of worship is the lament. When we relate how much pain we are in and how confused we are and even angry, I think that should connect with where we are truly at