Saving Reilly

We went for a walk last night and we saw a lost dog. I followed him, signaled cars with a flashlight to not hit him, and after some time and sweet talking; I gained his trust and was able to read his tag and hold him by the collar. We found his house and his embarrassed master who was very happy to have him back. Reilly had gotten out when his master took the trash out a little while before we saw him.

Some thoughts:

When you're lost, you're utterly lost. You could be near home or help, but you don't know where that is. It's as if you are blind in the dark and have to have a helping hand or you're lost.

When you're lost, you're in more danger than you know. Most people who are lost have no idea they are lost.

God sends people to help those who are lost get found. My grandpa and the father of my friend both had Alzheimer's disease and they would get out, far from their homes, going for walks, sometimes late at night. Kind police officers brought both of these men back home. I had an incident where I could have drowned about 9 years ago and a lifeguard saw me and rescued me. He saved my life. Thanks James!