Freedom Writers

I finally have a High Definition DVD player coming by UPS next week and I had to select our first HD DVD to watch on it and I chose Freedom Writers. This is a picture of Erin Gruwell and the movie is based on her book. A little bit about Erin is here.

Wilson High, where this true story takes place is in Long Beach and my dad went to High School there.

Here is a link to Christianity Today's 3 star review and links to other reviews.

I think that good teachers are so special and so important for children. I still remember some of my teachers who were frankly Christlike in there compassion and care for me and my friends. I remember Mr Shafer from Soleado Elementary school. He was there for me in 5th grade when my best friend had just moved out of the country and I felt lost. I remember Alan Freeman who had BIG letters on the wall of his room: "CARE". I didn't get it at the time. But it got me and I never forgot that sign or the man who really did care.
1/10 Update:
We watched Freedom Writers last night. Kind of shocking unless you live in the city. It is a true story of how one person can make a huge difference.