You need your bilge pump

A bilge pump is a pump in the very bottom portion of a ship that pumps out waste liquids that have flowed down from above or through leaks. Ships usually have a primary bilge pump and a back up above it, if the primary fails.

I think the analogy is apt that we also need to constantly pump the bad stuff that flows unto us, out of us the stay fresh and clean. If we have a worry or a concern or a disappointment, we need to go to God with it and make an exchange, casting our cares on him who cares for us.

The Philippians "be anxious for no thing", passage says that if we've made the exchange, that we will then receive, "peace that passes all understanding". Sometimes God gives us understanding that gives us peace or direction. But many times, God wants you give us peace without (that passes) understanding. It's like an infusion of faith that says, "God has got it covered".

I read an article called "How not to sink", wherein the author states that 99% of boats (he's talking about boats 32 feet and under) do not have adequate bilge pumping ability. A $400 to $800 investment in better and more pumps can make the boats safer, and these boats can run up to $100,000.