Goads and goading

Negative thoughts come and goad us to think more negatively, to get bitter, angry, or lustful, or proud. We are goaded with them as if some one or some thing unseen is prodding us to sin.

I once heard Leonard Ravenhill say something like, "it's one thing if a bird lands on your head and and you shoo it off, but it's an entirely different matter if the bird has nested and made a home on your head."

Negative thoughts are going to come and what are we going to do besides being victimized by them into some sort of turmoil and shame? I think that the biggest antidote, for me at least, is the realization that I didn't decide to think that though or start dwelling on that negative thing. I have a friend that says, "thought stop". There is something to taking thoughts captive and making them be obedient to Christ (2 Cor. 10:5).