The reason is God's love

I have made your self known to them
and I will continue to do so
that the love which you have had for me
may be in their hearts - and that I may be there also.

John 17:26, (Phillips)

These are Jesus last words of prayer to God before he was arrested and tortured.
To me, his words explain what the whole thing is about.
Jesus reveals the Father, so that His love He has for Jesus may be in our hearts.

When you get to heaven, what is the one question that Jesus will ask you?
He will ask you, "did you love?"
"How did you love?"

God reached out through Christ in love. Those who are touched, love Christ and become like him.

The beginning is to love Christ That is the doorway to loving as a servant of God.
If you share God's love for His son, then you you are building on the only solid foundation for living and loving,
work and play.