God's kindness

This is the story of a man that was the king's grandson. His dad, who was a very good man; was the king's first born son which made him heir to the throne. The grandson was his dad's first born, which put him next in line. Life could not have been better for the young man, but then things changed.

His grandfather, the king, became corrupt. He began losing wars with the barbaric tribes that surrounded their country. He also seemed to have lost the favor of the people and God's favor as well. There was another man who was a very gifted man, a fierce warrior, and a born leader; who seemed to have won the hearts of the people. He even seemed to have God's favor.

This man, the warrior, and the boy's father became close friends. I should mention that the boy's father was also a brave warrior. The boy's grandfather, the king, became jealous of the warrior man and it made it difficult for the boy's dad to be close friends with him because the king eventually wanted the warrior dead, and the boy's father could not be a part of that.

After some time, the king and the young man's father were killed in battle. The boy's uncles were on the side of their dad, the king, and wanted to kill the warrior, who seemed to be vying for the throne. The warrior's men, knowing this, killed the boys uncles and it looked like their whole families could be killed to remove any threat to the warrior from taking the throne for himself.

In this chaos, the little boy's caretaker took the little boy and began to run with him. But she tripped and the little boy fell out of her arms. Maybe he was asleep? Maybe she was running downhill on rocky terrain? She dropped him and both of his legs or feet were injured and it was permanent. He became suddenly and for life, crippled.

He made it to safety and began to live a life in hiding. A period of time went by and the boy became a man and he got married and had his own little boy. He was living in obscurity when a knock came on his door. He had been found. The warrior who was now the king had summoned him to come see him.

He might have thought his life was now over, but his life was about to improve vastly. The warrior king had been thinking about his old friend and wondering if there was anyone left that he could show kindness to from his old friend's family. He discovered that his friend's son was still alive.

The new king told him not to be afraid and decreed that he get all the land that should have passed down from his grandfather to his father and then to him. He also gave him an open invite to have dinner at the palace every night, seated just like his own children, at the king's table.
This is the story of David and Mephibosheth, from 2 Samuel 9.

This story is an illustration of how Christ comes and finds us and restores to us what was lost.